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What is blink blink?

Our Creative Circuit Kits provide all the necessary tools to engineer your own arts, crafts, and fashion projects with technology.

By providing an inviting avenue to explore technology, we’re teaching kids basic circuit theory, design thinking, and engineering logic as they light up the world around them with interactive art, crafts, and wearables. Kids are falling in love with tech and engineering by creating magical and playful tech projects!

Our Team

Nicole Messier

Nicole Messier | CEO & Co-Founder

An aerospace engineer turned crafty circuit extraordinaire, Nicole Messier set out to design an experience for young girls to explore making and crafting with technology and art. During her studies as an MFA Design & Technology candidate at Parsons School of Design, she fell in love with all things code, wearable tech, and creative circuits and knew this could be a way to get girls excited about STEM. Nicole is also an avid educator; she is faculty at Parsons School for Design and has taught numerous creative circuit and code workshops across the country.

Alex Tosti

Alex Tosti | COO & Co-Founder

As a creative technologist and designer, Alex Tosti loves to facilitate creation and believes blink blink will invite and inspire girls to start tinkering and making with technology. Previously, Alex ran a successful, full production boutique offering graphic design, branding & marketing strategy and design, as well as photography & videography over six years. In 2013, Alex made the move to NYC to continue to build up her knowledge and skill sets, graduating in May 2015 with an MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design.