blink blink Gift Giving Guide

We know everyone's on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift!  The blink blink team put together a list of our favorite gifts to give.  Hope this helps!

1.  blink blink Possibilities Kit - A gift that brings together your friends and family in a DIY, tech, and making party?  We don't know what gets much better than that.  

blink blink DIY - Fashion - & Tech Kit!  

blink blink DIY - Fashion - & Tech Kit!  

2. A Hug - You can't wrap this one, but this gift always puts a smile on someone's face :) 

Photo Credit:  jo-marshall

3.  Glitter -  Anything that sparkles with glitter is better, right?  Plus, it's easy to find.  Glitter + blink blink = dreams coming true!

Photo credit: Shannon Waller