Interview with Technology Maven Cassidy Williams


Cassidy Williams is one of NYC's most successful, intelligent and spunky software engineers AND one of our she-roes. She has been featured in a documentary film, Forbes magazine, USA Today and landed a spot in Glamor magazine's  35 Women Under 35 Who Are Changing the Tech Industry. She started coding in 8th grade when a neighbor said  "check out my website!" and she discovered that she could make her own. She has not stopped coding since!

Cassidy wasn't too intimidated by learning to code and picked it up quickly. "Everyone who doesn't know tech thinks that coding is putting together a bunch of 1s and 0s or something, and it's very intimidating.  I think my naivety helped me in that regard. :) "

Currently She is a software engineer and developer evangelist at Venmo, a person-to-person payments platform.  During the weekdays she codes for various projects at Venmo. She's been on two backend teams and the web team.  After work and on the weekends, she goes to hackathons, meetups, and conferences.  Cassidy gives back by speaking at events and mentoring others with their projects.  She loves being able to push code that people will actually benefit from as well as producing talks, articles and other content from which, again, people can benefit.

One of her favorite projects she worked on was called Balance,  a role-playing game where the player had to get through college by making various decisions that would affect their grades, energy, happiness, and money. The goal was to graduate and be both well-balanced, and out of debt.  She worked on Balance for a hackathon designed to educate people about personal finance with her sister Cami and two friends, and they won!

Want to get into the technology game? Cassidy has this advice:

"Don't be too discouraged when you run into difficult problems.  Everyone faces those, and they're the worst, but don't give up because of them!"

When Cassidy is not out changing the world with code, she likes to make lip sync videos with her friends. 

Find Cassidy online at: | github | twitter | linkedin

Article by Niki Selken, CCO at blink blink.