Maker Brunch Magic

Last Sunday the blink blink team was invited to Liza Stark's home for a Maker Brunch! Liza is a soft circuit, e-textiles, and wearables educator and maker. 

After talking with her community, she decided that there is not enough happening in our fair city to support and showcase the intersection of craft, technology, and new materials. For this inaugural meeting, she invited us to eat, drink, make, share, and discuss ways to grow a NYC-based community around this area of practice. 

The longterm goal is to set up some sort of monthly Meetup happen at Parsons that involves some combination of thematic group discussion, good food/drink, skill share, project share, and making. 

We worked as a group to design and craft an array of wearable projects including light up hair accessories, a necklace, a ring and a fabric patch. The maker team consisted of Liza Stark, Joselyn McDonald, Nicole Messier, Niki Selken, Kristin Slater, and Lara Warman

One of the best discoveries we made was that we could use pre-felted wool is a fill to diffuse LEDs. That is how we made the triangle necklace. Another great tool was the copper piping we used in the necklaces and the ring projects. A little mishap we had was that we tried using magnets to hold the legs of an LED to a coin cell battery and guess what? That will short it out! Lesson learned. If you want to get the materials to make your own light up wearables, check out out blink blink kits on Kickstarter!

Article by Niki Selken, CCO at blink blink.