3 of our favorite tech products at Toy Fair 2016!

We had a blast showcasing blink blink at Toy Fair 2016 in NYC last week and introducing our new kit, the Sparkle Scarf Kit -- make your very own light up scarf!  At the show, we were able to meet the teams behind some of our favorite products. Check out three of the coolest products we saw at Toy Fair below!


Bloxels had one of our favorite demos! Their product helps kids achieve their nearly universal desire to create video games (seriously, just ask any kid), rather than just playing them. By using the unique combination of hands-on toys and their love and understanding of classic video games, bloxels made video game creation accessible and fun for all ages. Check out their recap of their Toy Fair experience below. 


Splashlight is For the Fun of Science! These water guns use bioluminescence to make the water glow and launch this summer which is perfect timing. We had the opportunity to demo their product and had a ton of fun with the glow in the dark elements! 


Tech Will Save Us

Similar to blink blink, Tech Will Save Us creates DIY technology kits with microprocessors that include everything from the DIY Gamer Kit to a DIY Speaker kit.