TOTE-lly Awesome: blink blink & ChickTech Workshop

blink blink Circuit Workshop

We had a blast hanging out with some awesome ladies and using blink blink Creative Circuit Kits to make interactive tote bags. Over the course of two days, these women learned how to make circuits using LEDs, simple electronics, and eTextiles. Their projects included everything from sewable pressure sensors to switches using sewable snaps to make their tote bags interactive. Here are a few of our favorite photos from the day!

blink blink chicktech workshop
blink blink chicktech workshop
blink blink chicktech

Thank you to our volunteers who helped us run the workshop! Veronica, Enrica, Elizabeth, and Mischa, you're nothing but blinking goodness! And thanks to ChickTechNYC for hosting an amazing workshop.

Photo Credit: Veronica Black