Friends 4Ever: blink blink Edition

Joselyn and Nicole 4 Ever Ever

We, Nicole and Joselyn, get a lot of inquiries about our friendship. How did you two meet? Why did you two start blink blink? And generally, questions along the lines of, “Who the heck are you?”. We hope this post answers some of those questions, and feel free to send us more questions. 

Meet Joselyn

Joselyn was born in a small town in North Carolina. While hiking in the marshy woods in her town or swimming in the ocean nearby, she daydreamed almost constantly about the opportunities that lay outside of her hometown. She had her eyes set on New York City, the setting of most of her favorite movies. She eventually studied filmmaking, and came to fall in love with Super 8mm filmmaking. She loved loading the film into the camera and hearing the buzz of the motors clicking into gear. She made independent and experimental films featuring poetry and intimate moments with her friends. 

After graduating she took a position at Dartmouth College teaching filmmaking and leading a program called, College Knowledge. There she worked closely with Native American students, whose empathy towards her and one another profoundly changed the way she saw her future. She deeply wanted to improve quality of life for others.  


Joselyn loves technology and art which compelled her to apply to the MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons School of Design in New York City, which is where she met Nicole. 

All About Nicole

Nicole was born in the Philippines, her mom is Korean and her father is Italian. Her father served in the US Air Force so Nicole traveled from city to city without ever really putting down roots. Her most compelling childhood memories are from when she lived on Florida's Space Coast. She and her father would watch the NASA shuttles take off from their home.


Nicole was always strong at math and science. She had an incredible female Chemistry teacher that mentored her and encouraged her to pursue engineering. Nicole went to George Washington University where she studied engineering and specialized in Aerospace Engineering - perhaps in homage to the days she spent with her father on Florida's Space Coast. Nicole was one of only three girls in her major, which was isolating, but she fought the pressure (internal and external) to switch majors. She graduated at the top of her class and was offered a high profile job with the government (top secret stuff!). 

Later, Nicole decided she wanted to put her engineering skills to more creative uses and applied to the MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons, where she met Joselyn.

How blink blink began… 


"They decided that creative circuits would be one way to allow girls to explore technology and engineering in a way that feels comfortable and fun for girls - ta da! - blink blink was born!"

Joselyn and Nicole were friends from the start. They met the first day of school, and bonded over their shared experiences of loving technology and engineering, but never really feeling like they had places to explore those topics in comfort. In short, Nicole and Joselyn felt like to be a girl that likes technology means that you’ll always be an outsider, and they thought that had to stop. Around the same time they were becoming friends, they were introduced at Parsons, to creative circuits - the combination of electronics and arts, crafts, and fashion projects. They decided that creative circuits would be the way to allow girls to explore technology and engineering in a way that feels comfortable and fun for girls - ta da! - blink blink was born!


For the last two years they’ve been working non-stop - in NYC, in China, in Korea, in New Orleans, in California, in New Jersey - to bring blink Creative Circuit Kits to girls. 

Where we're at!

This May, Nicole and Joselyn will graduate from Parsons with the Masters of Fine Arts and they will be launching their Kickstarter campaign. Exciting times for us! Follow Joselyn @josmcdos, Nicole @nicoleyimessier, and blink blink @hiblinkblink for all our updates!