*~* Sabrina Ratté aka Video Art Goddess *~*

Sabrina Ratté digital self-portrait

Sabrina Ratté digital self-portrait

Time for a confession: we have been watching Sabrina Ratté's luscious videos for an indeterminate, but certainly unhealthy amount of time. Sabrina is a visual artist based in Montreal; she often uses video synthesis equipment and

a unique digital input/output system that she's designed (bad to the bone!) 

to make video art that you can't help but get lost in. 


In addition to her solo work, she collaborates with musician Roger Tellier-Craig. Together they form, Le Révélateur, a sonic and visual experience so glorious that it transports their audience to far-away lands. Side note: Joselyn attended their show and said it was the best night of her life. 

Sabrina Ratté is our #LadyHero and #wcw because she harnesses technology to make the most beautiful and captivating videos we've ever seen. She's on tour internationally right now, so follow her @SabrinaRatte to

1. see what city she's coming to next, and

2. let her know how awesome she is!

Below are more stills from Sabrina's work: 

Visites Possibles explores the possibilities of creating 3D environments based on video images generated by electronic signals - by Sabrina Ratté. 

Below are more stills from Sabrina's work: