Our 4.0 Schools Experience

Last month, Team blink blink reunited with 4.0 School's Launch Cohort 10 after a 3 month adventure in a unique incubator dedicated to EdTech. Our time with our cohort was a whirlwind adventure - starting off in a 24 hour interview, followed by packing up and moving to New Orleans for a month, and culminating in NYC for pitch night.  After month's of practice, all of us pitched for judge and audience prizes - Bahiy Watson at the 1881 Institute took home the judges'  panel prize, and  we won the audience prize!

Our favorite part of Launch?

Well, we have two!  First, we met 9 incredible teams (including the 4.0 team) who inspired and motivated us everyday. We met some amazing new friends and mentors and cannot wait to see where everyone's venture ends up. Second, we fell in love with the New Orleans community. Our goal was to host 15 workshops in New Orleans in one month; however, we did not schedule any workshops beforehand and were left planning the first week we arrived in New Orleans.  We biked all over the city, pitching workshops to schools, museums, and community centers, in hopes of meeting our goal.  With help and trust from the community, we ended up hosting 20+ workshops and walked away feeling absolutely welcomed in New Orleans. 

Watch Our Pitch

The Story Behind blink blink

We met in grad school at Parsons MFA Design & Technology program where we both fell in love with all things code, wearable tech, and soft-circuits.   At Parsons, women were falling in love with making and engineering by creating arts, crafts, and fashion projects with technology.  “Why didn’t we come across this earlier?” kept running through our minds.  This inspired us to design an experience for girls to explore making and crafting with technology and art.  We started off by hosting soft-circuits (conductive thread, conductive paint, LEDs & more!) workshops which led us to co-designing the blink blink kit with girls. 

Our first blink blink workshop!    Left : Joselyn McDonald;  Right : Nicole Messier

Our first blink blink workshop!

Left: Joselyn McDonald; Right: Nicole Messier

blink blink creative circuit kits are designed for  girls to make wearable tech, arts, and crafts projects.  We’re providing an alternative entry point to mainstream maker and hacker culture and think of blink blink as a fun and spunky avenue to make, craft, and play with circuits while having fun!