Art Wednesday at blink blink

Mana Bernardes blink blink

Happy Art Wednesday! We fell in love with this lamp, Mobiluz.  Artist Mana Bernardes created this kinetic light sculpture with recycled sequins.  For most of her work, she uses recycled plastics and other materials as her medium.  You can find this gem at the Museum of Arts & Design (MAD) in NYC. 

Introducing blink blink DIY Magic Monday

Why DIY Magic Monday?  Because everyone needs more fun on Mondays! We love this DIY trick from Apartment Therapy - Colorful DIY Headphones.  

blink blink apartment therapy

The colors are amazing, plus you don't have to untangle your headphones anymore.  Maybe we'll try this with all of our wires!

These need more color! We'll get to wrapping..

These need more color! We'll get to wrapping..

blink blink Gift Giving Guide

We know everyone's on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift!  The blink blink team put together a list of our favorite gifts to give.  Hope this helps!

1.  blink blink Possibilities Kit - A gift that brings together your friends and family in a DIY, tech, and making party?  We don't know what gets much better than that.  

blink blink DIY - Fashion - & Tech Kit!  

blink blink DIY - Fashion - & Tech Kit!  

2. A Hug - You can't wrap this one, but this gift always puts a smile on someone's face :) 

Photo Credit:  jo-marshall

3.  Glitter -  Anything that sparkles with glitter is better, right?  Plus, it's easy to find.  Glitter + blink blink = dreams coming true!

Photo credit: Shannon Waller 

The Story Behind blink blink

We met in grad school at Parsons MFA Design & Technology program where we both fell in love with all things code, wearable tech, and soft-circuits.   At Parsons, women were falling in love with making and engineering by creating arts, crafts, and fashion projects with technology.  “Why didn’t we come across this earlier?” kept running through our minds.  This inspired us to design an experience for girls to explore making and crafting with technology and art.  We started off by hosting soft-circuits (conductive thread, conductive paint, LEDs & more!) workshops which led us to co-designing the blink blink kit with girls. 

Our first blink blink workshop!    Left : Joselyn McDonald;  Right : Nicole Messier

Our first blink blink workshop!

Left: Joselyn McDonald; Right: Nicole Messier

blink blink creative circuit kits are designed for  girls to make wearable tech, arts, and crafts projects.  We’re providing an alternative entry point to mainstream maker and hacker culture and think of blink blink as a fun and spunky avenue to make, craft, and play with circuits while having fun!