Our Story

Joselyn McDonald, a filmmaker turned technology designer, and Nicole Messier, an aerospace engineer, met in graduate school at Parsons School of Design where they both fell in love with all things wearable tech and creative circuits. Their passions aligned where technology and creativity intersect, and they both shared the same sentiment, "Why didn't we come across this earlier?” and “We have to get this experience in front of young girls!”. Thus was the beginning of blink blink.

Passionate about getting more girls in tech and engineering, they started designing an experience for girls to explore ‘making’ and crafting with technology and art.   They began by hosting blink blink workshops in middle and high schools and after school programs where girls created sculptures embedded with circuits, paintings alight with LEDs, and fashion technology. Joselyn and Nicole knew they were doing something right when girls were interacting with building circuits for the first time and wanted more.

After hosting workshops regularly for one-year, Joselyn and Nicole aimed to get this experience in front of as many girls as possible by designing Creative Circuit Kits.  They started co-designing the kit, tutorials, and website with young girls to ensure the circuit materials, the aesthetic, and the language were inviting and accessible. In December 2014, they launched a first run of blink blink kits for the holidays and sold out.  Girls were ready for blink blink!