blink blink Swatchbook

To get started with your blink blink swatchbook you can download the swatchbook guide HERE.  Then watch this series of 4 videos as we walk you through how to build 3 different kinds of creactive circuits into your swatchbook. 


PART 1: The Basics

Learn about the materials you need to build the swatch book, test your LEDS, and build a prototype circuit.


PART 2: Parallel Circuit

Use conductive thread & conductive fabric to complete the swatchbook parallel circuit.


PART 3: Switch Circuit

Watch this video to complete the second creative circuit in the swatchbook. This circuit will teach you how to integrate a snap and use it as a on & off switch, 


PART 4: Custom Battery Holder

This video will walk you through how to make your own battery holder by folding paper. This is a helpful trick to learn for embedding circuitry into garments.