What’s so special about blink blink? 

Designed with Empathy for Girls

We created blink blink to address the broadening gender gap in the tech and engineering fields, and with the help of middle and high school girls, we all decided that creative circuits would be one fun and playful way to allow girls to explore technology and engineering.

Girls Collaborating

Over the past year, we have hosted over 100 blink blink workshops where girls ages 8-18 have collaborated to design the blink blink experience, created art embedded with creative circuits, and thus helped create a welcoming and playful environment for young girls to explore building with technology.

Curated Selection of Unique Materials

By hosting workshops with a variety of materials, we have curated a specific set of materials for our kit that bring magic into arts, crafts, and fashion projects.  We mix traditional electronics such as LEDs and batteries with creative circuit materials including conductive thread, conductive fabrics, and copper tape. 

Endless Possibilities

It's true!  There are endless project possibilities when it comes to creative circuit projects.  Girls can storm up new ways to make everyday objects light up through playful interactions.  Light up shoes with pressure sensors, mood dials with potentiometers, and jackets that light up when you close the zipper are only the beginning!

Tech embedded in the Arts

blink blink is designed to bridge the gap between technology and art.